Recipe Management

A Recipe is a list of ingredients for making or preparing of food/dish for inpatient and eCatering. In eMOS,
the recipe management and ingredient analysis modules serves the following:

Patient Education

Dishes imported from Nutrition Database will carry not only the recipe of the dish but because of the ingredients required for preparing that dish, the Nutrition values of the Dish is calculated in Nutrition Database and made available for import into eMOS. These nutritional values of the dishes are then presented to the patient for awareness of the type of food recommended for them.

patient education

Managing your Inventory and Procurement Needs

The raw ingredients required in a recipe are the materials required for the dish to be prepared.  Therefore, chefs needs not recall or trace back their recipes when putting up a requisition for these materials. The eRecipe module bridges this tedious process by allowing the materials required for dish preparation to be automatically derived and quantities required to be calculated.

Managing your Inventory

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