Receiving & Putaway

Provide real-time solutions for the receipt of goods into the warehouse against Purchase Orders and an optional module is available to manage and automate the receipt of Inbound Manifests and Shipping Containers spanning multiple PO's. The receiving process automates and validates the receipt of goods against purchase orders.Allowing the user to manage the receipt of Incoming Goods in various ways with many flexible options

Warehouse Management features :

  •  Receiving - Accelerate receiving processes by identifying inventory with/without inbound orders.
  •  Putaway - Putaway strategies in the WMS, to optimize the storage of goods in the warehouse.
  •  Storage - Automatically store item in the best location.
  •  Replenishment - Re-order the product that is normally stocked in your warehouse locations.
  •  Cross-docking - Move items directly from your inbound to outbound dock.
  •  Picking - Pick orders based on pick profile / product category
  •  Shipping - Monitor shipments the moment they reach your dock.
  •  Return - Returning purchased goods to suppliers
  •  Inventory control - Use cycle counting to know what, where, and how much inventory.
  •  Transaction logging - Log every transaction that affects location, quantity, or status of inventory.
  •  Label Printing - Print a label for Goods receipt of materials from supplier.(Expiry Date, Batch and etc)
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