Hospital Incident Tracking System

hitsInformation flow within a Organisation could just that thin line that determines a life and death or a matter of a service to a disservice. Having a efficient Incident Management system thus ensures that incident information is shared in a efficient manner for decision making and mediation of a further crisis. It also draws attention the weakest link in the chain over quality issues that needs to be improved.

Our paperless solution incorporates full electronic activity of communication within the system.

Benefits from SMV Incident Tracking System:

ü  Allow voluntary or anonymous incident reporting system within the premise..
ü  Ability to classify incidents into different types and routed to respective parties for investigation.
ü  Ability to capture investigation comments from various parties and define the root cause
     of the incident

ü  Ability to create users and assign respective roles.
ü Ability to generate useful reports for statistical or auditing purposes, as well as export to
     Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and PDF
ü Empower end-user to create/customize their own forms.
ü Include predefined workflows that users can either customize and create a completely new
     workflow to suit the operation needs
ü Ability to configure automatic escalations when tasks are in arrears.
ü Automatically issue task notifications and issue reminders to users.
ü Ability to customize notification/email templates by end-users.
ü Support multi-tenancy for multiple sites.

ü Integration for 3rd party sources such as SAP, Hotel information Systems.
ü Ability to integrate with other hospital HR system for staff information.
ü Ability to track changes of all activities for auditing purposes.
ü Ability to be hosted in the cloud.
ü Seamless Integration with Microsoft Active Directory

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