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Electronic Meal Order System (eMOS)

emos page1eMOS is the next-generation meal ordering system, for  Nurses, Dietitian and Kitchen & Operational Staff, with the aim to transform the traditional meal ordering process into a fully integrated system. The eMOS delivers leading-edge applications for food service management, hospital kitchen operations, nutrition & dietetics office, hospital paperless mobile menus, clinical nutritional care, automated food allergy checking, safety nets for special dietetics requirement and much more. For seamless end-to-end work flow, eMOS also provides customized HL7 interfaces with real-time information to support patient nutritional care and meal order delivery.

Improving patient care, streamlining operations

Patient nutrition is a significant contributor to patient well-being, speed of recovery and length of hospital stay.  Improving patient diet and reducing food waste are key goals of hospital catering departments.

With the growing trend of patient-centric care, traditional paper-based meal ordering, currently common to most Hospitals, imposes many challenges to the healthcare professionals and operational staffs. All patients are presented with the same set of menu for their meals, regardless of their varying diet requirement. Nurses need to repeatedly perform manual transcribing of patient diet requirement, dietitian special instructions and patient meal preference on the menu sheet throughout the duration of a patient stay. Once Kitchen receives the meal orders, another thorough round of check is required to ensure that the meal order is safe for the patient. Phone calls are very common throughout the work flow to clarify hand-written instructions, and re-ordering is often necessary because meal orders are not suitable for patients’ diet requirement. With hundreds of thousands of paper menu printed, distributed and collected each year in an average Hospital, a streamlined electronic processes can represent significant cost savings and efficiency, while reducing the ordering time and wastage.

Meal times made simple and safe

eMOS MealslipWith eMOS Intelligent Filtering Engine, each patient gets a personalized menu specifically catered for their unique diet requirement. As such, not only that meal order is now safe, it also provides an interactive way to educate patients about healthy diet that is suitable for them.

Patients are guided step-by-step throughout the meal order process, and if they prefer to have their food served in a certain way or with additional condiments, they can also indicate so.

eMOS also frees Nurses from having to remember which menu to present each day. It allows various menu cycle to be defined in the system and is flexible to support service differentiation among different treatment categories.

Dietitian Involvement

Hospital Dietitians can access the application on the ward, or remotely from other areas in the hospital, to assist their patients. Dietary choices of the patient can be reviewed and analyzed, as each menu choice contains details on its ingredients and nutritional value. Dietitians can also specify special diets and menu choices for individual patients as required.

dashboard In the Main Production Kitchen, orders and updates are received in realtime on the Kitchen Dashboard and Chefs can refer to special notes or dietitian requests when they are preparing each meal. Meal order slips are also available with automatic sorting for preparation and delivery purposes. For the Hospital, detailed catering information and financial reports are now available at the touch of a button as each meal and their ingredients are automatically tracked by eMOS, including any wastage and the cost of these actions.

Benefits throughout the System

For the patients, eMOS makes it visual and fun to order their meals, which encourages them to eat, and at the same time educates them on the type of diet suitable for them.

benefitss throughout systemFor Nurses, the introduction of eMOS means less time filling in paperwork and running backwards and forwards to coordinate orders with the Main Production Kitchen and more time on the ward with patients.

For the Dietitians, it makes it easier to prescribe, manage and record patient dietary information for the good of the patient.

For the Main Production Kitchen and Hospital it delivers a more transparent and efficient catering service, increasing productivity and potentially enabling significant cost savings.

The system, which is also Multilingual, ensures minimum communication barrier in a Multicultural Hospital environment.

New levels of patient satisfaction scores, improved patient safety, productivity enhancement, cost control, and healthcare excellence are among the benefits that eMOS can bring to your Hospital.

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